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About Dr. Orlando Terneny in Houston

Sexual health is a very personal thing, and at our clinic, we genuinely understand this. Talking about any issues relating to your sexual performance, such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can be difficult and uncomfortable. When you come into one of our clinics, it is our mission and priority to provide you with a comfortable environment in which to receive your treatment or medication.

Orlando Terneny M.D.

Dr. Orlando Terneny is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and is currently a leader in the Andrology Field. Dr. Terneny is also a Cardiologist with over 45 years experience practicing here in Texas at the Major Houston Hospitals.

Dr. Orlando Terneny

Providing Professional and Respectful Care

There are many qualities which set us apart from other clinics, such as:

• We offer affordable initial appointments
• We are respectful, compassionate, and understanding

Our staff looks forward to having the opportunity to help solve your sexual health issue. Call us at 713-588-1425 to make the same day appointment or walk into our clinic today.

Improving Men’s Health and Performance