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Dedicated to Long-Lasting Solutions for Male Sexual Health

The staff at Men’s Clinics of America genuinely understands that male sexual health is a very personal matter. After you step into our office, you will see that we have crafted a comfortable environment to allow for the conversation to occur naturally. And while it can be difficult to discuss these issues when they arise, it is our duty to help discover the diagnosis and provide long-lasting treatments that will lead to a healthier sexual lifestyle. These solutions are also directed to assist with personal and interpersonal relationships.

middle-aged man talking to a doctor

Our Values at Men’s Clinics of America

The staff at Men’s Clinics of America wants to make sure that you can live the best and healthiest sex life possible for you and your partners. We have dedicated our practice to assist in reaching these goals. We strive to set ourselves apart from other methods by having a relaxing environment geared towards getting you the best help possible.

Here are some core values we offer Houston:

  • Immediate appointments available
  • Walk-Ins are always welcome
  • Initial Consultation
  • Dedicated staff that are respectful, compassionate, and understanding
  • Only use FDA-approved medications

99% of our patients see immediate results from the treatments provided. Dr. Terneny will also determine the best course of action during your initial visit to Men’s Clinics of America in Houston, TX.

Dr. Terneny Brings Many Years of Experience

Dr. Orlando Terneny at Men’s Clinics of America has over 45 years of experience helping with male sexual health in the Houston, TX area. He has built a team of trained professionals that want to help get to the bottom of symptoms presented and answer any questions that you may have about these conditions.

Our staff looks forward to helping you figuring out your sexual health issues and getting the proper medication and personal care plan set up to make sure you are living your best and healthiest lifestyle.

Improving Men’s Health and Performance