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When to See a Doctor About a Low Libido*

A man’s sexual desire can naturally rise and fall from week to week. Sometimes, a low libido can be attributable to stress at work, financial problems, or relationship challenges. In other cases, decreased sexual desire may be a sign of low testosterone or another sexual health problem. If you’ve been experiencing a persistently low libido and you live in Houston, consider visiting a men’s sexual health specialist. You should also consider seeking medical help if your reduced sex drive has been affecting your relationship, emotional wellness, or mental health.

A men’s sexual health specialist can perform a test to check your testosterone levels. The doctor may also consider other possible causes of low libido before recommending appropriate treatment options. You may find that your medical treatment improves your wellness in other areas as well. For example, correcting low testosterone can improve your mental health, energy level, blood pressure, and weight, along with boosting your libido.

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